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Gastric Band Surgery Bath

Affordable Gastric Band Surgery from Bath

Laser Clinic (France) have been providing Gastric Band Surgery at one of the Largest Hospitals in Le-Havre Northern France for many Years. You will be treated as a “Private Patient” at the Hospital Jacques Monod in Le-Havre Northern France, which is the largest (French NHS) Hospital in France. The Hospital has over 2000 Beds, all in Private rooms, with Bathrooms en-suite. The Hospital has 12 Operating Theatres, which are all fully equipped with the latest technology and Equipment to ensure fast efficient surgical procedures.

With the many Options for travel by Land/Rail/Ferry, Flying, or Eurostar its now possible for anyone from Bath to get to our Hospital and enjoy the lowest prices in Europe for Gastric band Surgery. You can save as Much as £50 when compared to UK Prices making it well worth making the short trip to Northen France from Bath

Are You Suitable For a Gastric Band?

Being Grossly Overweight is possibly the second major cause of preventable deaths in the Western World. Often Being Grossly Overweight leads to related health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. The most related illnesses to obesity are diabetes and heart diasease.

The aim of Gastric Band surgery

The purpose of Gastric band surgery, also known as adjustable Lap Band surgery or bariatric surgery is to reduce the amount of your food intake. Adjustable lap band proceedure can be done in several ways, the most common being adjustable lap band and implanting an adjustable lap band.

Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery in France

Adjustable lap band surgery, the most well known form of obesity surgery, is a fast method to lose weight and is generally recommended for people who have a risk of being effected from heart damage or other serious health problems. Unfortunately, only a fraction of people can undergo this surgery following the screening process carried out by specialists.

Are Your Prepared for Gastric band Surgery

Certain conditions will have to be met before the operation to ensure that the client is in proper psychological and medical condition to carry out the surgery to ensure that  the patient’s psychological well beings is at a proper state before carrying out the surgery. Gastric band surgery reduces the amount of food a person can hold in their stomach which may bring about negative implications both psychologically and physiologically in time to come. So it’s not a joke!

Adjustable stomach band is less severe  form of surgery which brings forth less complications. It can be reversed by surgeons if necessary.  This surgery is suitable for children because it is reversible and only minimally invasive. However some side-effects such as nausea or abdominal pain can be suffered by the patient following the implanting of the band may be experienced by some.

You should consider obesity surgery if you’ve tried unsuccessfully to shed pounds by exercising and by trying out various diets. It is recommended that you consider surgery if you are 100 pounds over your ideal weight and if you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) over 35.

Surgery will not only be enough to achieve your perfect BMI, healthy eating styles as well as regular exercises are both needed in order to maintain proper weight even after the surgery. So a surgery is not the only answer to your burning problem.

Here are a few points to notes before Gastric Band surgery.

Remember that all surgery carries an element of risk, these will be explained by the surgeon at the time of your final pre surgery consultation as a legal formality, however we must point out that gastric Band Surgery is normally a very safe surgery with minimal risk.

Remember that due to the lifestyle changes one would have to undergo, this could lead to stress and other psychological problems for a few months after the obesity surgery.

Ensure that you are financially ready as you may have to visit your doctor for several follow-up appointments even before the surgery. Also a Gastric Band needs to “Filled” on a regular basis. This can only be done by a suitably Qualified person and in the UK the average cost is about £90 to £120 depending on where the “Fill” is carried out.  For more details on this procedure visit our main website by clicking HERE

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